Wednesday, January 30, 2008

This and That just so I won't get behind

It took at least 45 minutes past my scheduled appointment to be called back to room. This has never happened before. You'd think one of the advantages of seeing a NP instead of the OB/GYN is not having to be pushed back by someone delivering a baby. You'd think the stupid medical assistant would have had a clue why, just why, my blood pressure was a bit elevated. Ugh! Let me just say that I hate dr. office scales! They always weigh me 5-7 lbs heavier than my bathroom scale! Anyway, I chickened out asking for additional tests. Bottom line, I told the NP that I was using progesterone cream in the 2nd half of my cycle and was going to be adding Vitamin B because I knew that my progesterone level was off due to the "light" periods. I reiterated that I still wasn't comfortable with taking synthetic hormones. She told me to let her know when I was and she'd write a RX for the clomid. So the ball is in my court on just how far I am willing to go to have another baby. As it has always been.

Weather in the St. Louis Metropolitan area was crazy yesterday. It reached record breaking temperatures of 73 degree at noon and within 3 hours time, it dropped almost 40 degrees! Freaking crazy! I am so ready for Winter to end and for Spring to coming rushing in like a lion. They are calling for snow to hit by tomorrow night and by the time it is over, 4-6 inches of accumulation. This blows because I just know they will cancel school and that means no DARE dance Friday night. G will be so disappointed. She has her outfit all planned out too. We are supposed to go on a legging and nylon footies hunt tonight in order to complete the ensemble. Let's just say my girl will be going dressed Hanna Montana style. Don't worry - I'm taking lots of pictures.

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Huckdoll said...

By any chance is that snow headed to you from my neck of the woods?? Vancouver, BC? Because it was a massive storm here indeed!