Wednesday, May 28, 2008

VBAC hooray!

My mother informed me that the hospital she works for is going to start allowing VBAC . I'm so excited because I really do believe the c-section rate is ridiculous and there are too many unnecessary c-sections being performed. Of course, the way my fertility is, I'll probably never get to experience it but I am so excited for anyone who desperately wants to do this. Woo hoo!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Brace face follow up and holiday weekend was bust!

Well, we had about 3 days of tears after the braces were put on. The feelings she described to me, I remember all too well. For instance, alternating between feeling like all of your teeth are loose and then a feakishly weird tickling sensation. Then there was the pain of the brackets making sores on the inside of her cheeks. However, through it all we got by with only 2 evenings of ibuprofen for the pain and by Sunday morning, she said the only teeth that hurt were her canines. I felt so bad for her but at the same time it was hard for me not to laugh at the faces she was making because she was trying to wrap her lips over the braces were just pathetically hilarious! Any of you who've had braces know what I'm talking about. Pictures, like I promised, are coming soon.

This past weekend was a total bust as far as getting ANY yard work done. The meteorologist really got the weather forecast wrong. I swear we are going to need to build an ark soon if the rain keeps up. My dad told me that we've had right about 30" of precipitation since the beginning of the year - an all time record for the wettest Spring in like, forever. Anyway, I'm just totally pissed about this because I have no clue when I'm going to get my husband to commit to doing in the near future.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Brace face

Today G got her braces on. Oh boy - let me tell you, this week has been one big crying fest at my house. I thought that she was finally okay with getting them but as the day drew nearer, her fears started coming out. By this morning my frustration and patience with her finally turned to heart break. My girl was very near to experiencing a full blown panic attack! Besides a stomach ache and feeling nauseous, she ended up with diarrhea and feeling like she had a weight on her chest to where she couldn't breath. No hyperventilating but I did tell her to practice her deep breathing (Lamaze technique breathing I taught her when she was potty training and having issues going #2). In the end, she discovered that mom was right and that it wasn't as bad as she thought it was going to be. I took her to the Chinese Buffet afterwards but she didn't eat much. She really had a hard time figuring out how to get the lo mein noodles in her mouth. It was a site to behold but we had some good laughs over it. She's going to have to get used to brushing her teeth after every meal. Flossing is going to be a big chore. I know they say it's very important but I don't think I'm going to push it on G unless she gets food in between her teeth. If I survived 8 years of braces without regular flossing, I think she will too. One thing they gave us was some flouride treatment mouthwash. They said she should gargle with it every night before bed. Yet again, it wasn't a requirement when I had braces and my teeth turned out fine. I think the flouride treatment she gets once a year at the dentist office is enough. With all the negative info out there about flouride being toxic, it just makes me uncomfortable and I don't think I'm going to have her do it. Besides that, they gave her a cherry-flavored bottle and she can't stand anything other than mint. She was never one to take liquid medicine when she was a baby/toddler. It was always a big kicking and screaming fight. She didn't even like the chewables. I was so glad when she finally learned how to swallow a pill. Thank you Grandma Sandy for that one! Anyway, enough rambling. When I get a chance I'll take a picture of her with her new "grill" and post it.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

May, in a nutshell

Mother's Day was an alright day for me. I got a new coffee pot that I didn't know I needed and a gift certificate from G for a pedicure.

May 12-14th I fulfilled my civil servant duty as a juror for the Madison County courts. I was interviewed for a medical malpractice lawsuit but was rejected, I am pretty sure, because of my belief in placing limits on money damages. That and the fact that one of the witnesses for the plaintiff was the best man in my wedding. It didn't matter that I haven't seen or talked to Mark in probably 10 years. I was finally selected as to serve on the Madison County Coroner's inquest for 6 cases. It was a one day stint and pretty interesting at that. The job of a coroner's inquest juror is to rule on the manner of death (suicide, homicide, natural causes, accidental, and undetermined). Of the six, we ruled the 4 were accidental (1 MVC of a elderly couple and 3 accidental phamocological drug overdoses), 1 suicide, and 1 homicide (actually 2, one being an unborn 6 month gestation baby). The suicide and homicide were news worthy cases.

This past weekend was pretty busy for me. Friday evening was G's Spring Musical at her school. The 3rd-5th grades performed "The Adventures of Lewis & Clark". For the majority of the musical, she was an extra playing an Indian and at the last 5 minutes of the play, she was the character,Julie, where she had a small speaking part. Saturday afternoon she had a birthday party to go to and Sunday afternoon we went to my BFF's eldest daughter's high school graduation party. I'm really glad that what we had to do on Saturday and Sunday were in the afternoon so I could get my normal household chores completed.

This week is G's last week of school. Technically Friday is the last day but as per usual, I'm letting her skip that day since they don't do much other than clean out their desks and go to a talent show. We are going to Grant's Farm and possibly to the Mills Mall for some shopping. Thursday, she gets her braces. She's went back and forth on being nervous about it. I think when it comes down to it, she's worried that she's going to starve because everything that is on the "no no" list, she loves to eat. I'm crossing my fingers that this will finally get her to start trying new things and eating healthier. I can dream, can't I?

Other than that, I made a big step and deactivated myself from an online parenting community that I've been a member of for almost 3 years. I did this almost 3 weeks ago and while the first week was rough, I'm finally getting over the hump. A couple of months a go I tried to just stay away but I just couldn't do it. The final straw was that basically I had a disagreement with one of the Admins over sponsorship of a member to one of the private forums. I won't get into the details but in a nutshell, I felt like the Admins tried to lay a huge guilt trip on some of the members who had denied this certain members membership. I called bullshit on it and one Admin got her feelings hurt. I left before I burnt my bridge. Besides the fact, the site is on it's second wave of pregnancies, and it wasn't helping me and my mental state in regards to my own fertility.

Overall, I'm hoping like hell I can put my hubby to work this Memorial Day weekend. I've got lots for him to do and I just hope we don't kill each other in the process. Bottom line, hubby likes to over think things through and it takes him twice as long to get the job done because of this. Personally, I think it's his way of procrastinating and ultimately knows I'll get tired of it and just do the stuff my damn self. However, there are a couple of things that I physically cannot do by myself and he's going to have to help me, like it or not.

So, tell me, the few who actually read my blog, what do you have planned for the holiday?

Monday, May 5, 2008

Obviously I wasn't thinking

There is nothing like a Godiva Dark Chocolate Mocha to hit the spot. Aaah! Yep, AF showed today. All I had to do was entertain a slight thought of buying a pregnancy test and the bitch says, Yo girl! Back the fuck up! I was jes runnin behind, not taking a vacay! Should have known that being 3 days late was a friggin fluke. I mean it wasn't as if I was having any other pregnancy symptoms but it was the first time in 5 months that she didn't show up on day 28. I thought that maybe, just maybe, the first cycle I decided not to take my temp on a daily basis and just let everything be, I'd get a pleasant surprise. Shame on me. What was I thinking?