Monday, August 18, 2008


Now that we've had the pups for 3 weeks, I can finally say I am starting to relax a bit. The first 2 weeks was not pretty! Hell - after 4 days I was ready to ship the scoundrels off. I was about to lose my mind. A lot of it had to do with not getting serious help from my hubby, Dean. When I had my mini nervous breakdown, he realized he'd better get in gear and start helping more. Once we started confining the pups to one room (the kitchen) when not in their crate or outside in the makeshift pen we put together, things started getting a bit calmer. However, during this time my appetite had gone to shit, my stomach was constantly nauseous due to stress, and I wasn't sleeping worth a darn. I think I lost 5-7 lbs. One hell of way to lose weight. It was also at about 2 weeks that I asked Dean if he thought we were making any progress on the house breaking. He pointed out certain things that the pups are starting to get and that it was not going to happen overnight - we have to break the bad habits and that they have to learn to hold it. After being told by several people that it was going to take time and not happen overnight, I started feeling better. Our girl has been such a big help. I'm really proud of her stepping in and not complaining about getting up during the night with me to take the dogs out. Last night was the last time though because she starts back to school tomorrow. I'll be glad when we are finished with all of their shots. Owning two dogs is quite expensive. They have to go back one more time to get their final shot and then I need to take them back to be neutered. I was going to take them to our local spay clinic but they aren't making appointments until September 2nd for November! I can't wait that long. I wish I could because $90 for 2 dogs as opposed to $270 at the veternarian's is really sweet. One thing about the vet's office is that they do give them a shot for pain when they wake up and also send home pain meds but the spay clinic does not. Enough of about the puppies.

Yes, G starts back to school as a 6th grader tomorrow. I can't believe my girl is starting middle school! She gets a locker this year and of course, we had to buy stuff for her locker - magnetic dry/erase board, magnetic mirror, and a something that can hold bits and pieces.

Finally, we finally have more signs that my girl is starting puberty. Over the weekend she started complaining about her boobs hurting her. I asked her if it felt like she had knots and she said yes. She also said they hurt if she barely bumped them and/or the water from the shower beat on them. Then last night she as she got out of the shower, she called me upstairs and asked if it was normal for her nipples to turn red. They weren't red per se but you could tell that they were darker. I confirmed to her that yep, it was totally normal. So yikes! My baby is starting the process of becoming a woman. *sniff*

So that's my update. Boring I know but I felt like I should give one. It's so easy to be a lurker and I really don't want to fall into that trap again. I plan to update this blog a bit more now that I feel like my life isn't in such a turmoil anymore.

Monday, August 4, 2008


I've been a sucky blogger the last few weeks. I don't really have much of an excuse for the first 3 weeks but for the last week, this is why I've been absent:

It's been exactly a week since we adopted these little guys and I'm walking around in a sleep loss induced haze that is making me feel like I'm stoned, my stomach is constantly nauseous due to the puppy shit smell that has invaded my nasal membranes, and I swear if I don't end up with a nervous breakdown, the only thing good coming from this crazy ass idea of ours is that I will have lost some weight. I have little to no appetite. Hell of a way to lose weight. The house training of two puppies with a protozoa in their intestines has not been fun. I can't really blame them - they can't help it. But I just want to snap my fingers and have my puppies house broke. So, please excuse me while this never had a dog person in her life before, TRIES to adapt to owning 2, count them 2 West Highland White Terriers, Mischief & Mayhem. I will continue to be mostly absent in my posting but not reading of blogs. Please PRAY for me because I REALLY, REALLY need it. In the meantime, email me if you have any experience in house training 3 month old puppies. Please and thanks.