Wednesday, December 5, 2007

30 days of vaseline

I bet you thought I'd be posting something naughty but the sounds of that title huh? Gotcha! Nope. Sorry.

I took my girl to a follow up dermatologist appointment yesterday to check on some moles I was concerned about. Drama queen that she is, worried the whole 10 minute drive there, that she was going to get cut on. I tried to assure her that nothing of that sort would happen. The damn doctor made a liar out of me. He takes 5 minutes to look her over and says, "Yes, this one needs to come off." The look of pure terror that popped on my girls face just broke my heart. As aggravated as I get with her tendency to be so melodramatic, I still hate for her to get scared. A few minutes of crying into my chest and squeezing my right hand, while he sawed off the offending spot on her left forearm and it was over. He said to keep a bandage and vaseline on it for 30 days. He also warned us it might look ugly and pussy while it was healing but assured me that it was normal, prescribed a antibiotic for preventative measures, made another appointment to check on the healing, and we were on our way. My girl, of course, cradled it for half the night and then complained her arm was stiff when it was time to go to bed. She swore she wasn't going to be able to sleep for fear that she'd bump it and make it hurt, but she slept like a log. This morning she said that she was hoping it was prayer chain day at school so she could ask for healing prayers on her arm and that it is not skin cancer.


A Buns life said...

Talk about drama! I do hope everything comes back with no problems!

Guinea Pig said...

wow, I hope she is ok. Just fyi, Dale had one cut off and yeah it hurt him too. She's not being dramatic.

Ray just did the same thing but she used my sewing scissors. No infection happily.


Jill said...

I go through it all the time! I hate it. Better safe than sorry, but getting cut is no fun-neither is waiting for biopsy results-good luck!