Thursday, July 10, 2008

I need to take up a hobby

For all the internal bitching I do about needing some alone time with the hub, I'm missing my girl terribly. I need a hobby. One that I can stick to. There is just 2 more days and she'll be home. The child free week has NOT been sex filled. In fact, Mother Nature showed up on July 4th. Since she left town, we've hooked up twice. Oh well, at least we got to do it in our bed without the fear of getting caught. Yes, even though our girl is 11 and knows that mommies and daddies have sex, she does her darnedest to keep her parents from enjoying each other.

Also, this week has just been absolutely awful on my sinuses. I've had a nagging sinus headache I'm so sick of it! I can't take the OTC sinus medications because of my high blood pressure. As one of my doctors said, I have to just deal with it. All I can say is that thank the good Lord above that I've been pretty immune to colds for the last 7 years or so because that Coricidin HBP stuff they have out there on the market doesn't do shit! I tried it once for what I thought was a cold, turned out to be allergies, and it did nothing for me.

Oh well, life will turned back to normal come Saturday afternoon. When I start complaining about my drama queen again, remind me of this post, will ya?


A Buns Life said...

Have you tried a netti-pot for your sinuses?

sltbee69 said...

Yes, but not on a regular basis. In fact, the last 2 times I did it, it made my headache worse.

Crazed Mom said...

I remember trying coricidin, or however it is spelled, in college and I hated the way it made me feel. My allergies are up but I can take benedryl(100 mgs) and be fine. nose stopped running, itchy throat stops and it doesn't make me sleepy and it's cheap.

I do use saline spray or drops to clear things out when I get congested.

I've been sinus infection free for like 3 weeks now. woohooo!

My sweet kind loving child comes home tomorrow. I haven't gotten any sex. PLEH! Of course 19yo is around, in and out but for the most part he's fine. Which is a gift considering last summer. Another woohoo!


Guinea Pig said...

My new hobby is making ginger ale. Want the recipe? Um, well you'll have to wait until I get it perfected. :)

Give Gabby a hug for me! Did she have fun?