Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Does anyone want my husband?

Does anyone know how to get stain off vinyl siding?!?! Please tell me there is a way. Please. Bear with me because there is a lot of foul language coming. I was steaming last night and I'm still pissed this morning. I have to get this out so I can move on.

My fucking idiotic husband decided he was going to start staining our front porch yesterday afternoon. Because he can't be bothered with taping things off and having a wet cloth on him, he slops fucking stain on the house where the banister butts up against it. Yet when I say something to him about it, he has the audacity to get pissed at me because I should be kissing his ass that he actually decided to get off his fat, lazy ass and do something on the house!!! He acts like it's no big deal because it's in an inconspicuous place and only he and I will know it's there. This was one of those times that I just wanted haul off and smack him upside the fucking head!! I told him specifically on Sunday when we picked up the stain that we were going to have to be extra careful applying it around the house. No, I stressed it emphatically. But it apparently went out one fucking hairy ear of his and out the other fucking hairy ear!!! This is why even though I bitch that I have to beg him, no nag him, to do stuff around the house, that I really rather do it my damn self. If he's going to do things half-assed then I don't want his gd help! Never mind that when he decides to do something, it takes him at least twice as long because he's got to take fifty million smoke breaks and sit and think about how he's going to do it. Agh!!!


MarshaCF said...

Susan I can't help but giggle at this post, especially the hairy ear part and all the breaks to "think about it". Too funny.

I have no idea how to get it off but you might try calling your local Sherwin Williams. I always find them helpful.

Hang in there girl and make him clip that ear hair, maybe it's effecting his brain function.

A Buns Life said...

I personally think that some do a half-ass job on purpose so that they can get out of doing anything at all......try goof off. It takes paint off carpets it might take stain off of siding.

Chris said...

I have no idea how to get stain off siding. I"ll ask Dave when he gets home if he knows anything. You could try the Magic Eraser. It gets stains off all kinds of stuff so maybe siding too.

Huckdoll said...

What IS it about men that think just because they're doing something, anything...you should bow down and kiss the ground.

On a smaller scale, Baby Daddy thinks he's godly when he loads the dishwasher. I tell his 40 times to rinse first, our washer is crap and I find it completely full of crusty dishes. I get mad, he gets hurt because he was doing something....GAH. I just do everything now, enough is enough.

krissy said...

First of all....smack him in the fucking head and then use some tarnish remover. That would be my guess. Or Mr. Eraser.
That bald man can get rid of anything.

And for the record....I dropped the f bomb towards my husband all night long. sometimes they are so gosh darn stupid.

1001 Petals said...

lol @ "sit and think about how he's going to do it."

That is my husband in a nutshell. It drives me crazy! In the time it takes him to ponder something, it could be done and over with 5x over by me.

If I were you I'd try turpentine or some sort of paint stripper. Good luck!

Guinea Pig said...

Your hubby does yard work? Wow. Never considered that possibility.

Sorry not being helpful am I?

I have to say, when Dale does a job, he does a careful job. Never finishes it but he does a really fine start.

I'm the slop it on and be done quick gal.