Wednesday, February 6, 2008

After Super Tuesday

I've a long way to go on learning a few things about politics. I'm one of those who didn't vote until the last Presidential Election. However, it just continually amazes me how many people who voted didn't even know which candidates are still in the race!

Then there is this bullshit rule when you go to vote in a Primary that you have to declare what party you are voting. I thought everyone's vote was supposed to be private. I mean the person who helped me feed my ballot into the automatic ballot counter machine was all "Oh no, put it back into the cardboard thingy. I can't see your votes or it'll burn my eyes!" How hypocritical. Is that the word I am even looking for?

I swear this election is putting a strain on my marriage. I'm pissed that my husband, for the first time in his voting life, had to vote the political party he has always disagreed with because his government job depends upon it. Apparently they check the voting records of employees. Ugh! Plus, when I ask my husband why he "likes" this particular candidate, he can't give me any clear cut reasons. So hubby, this ecard is for you! Ugh! I guess if James Carville and Mary Matalin can do it, so can we.


Huckdoll said...

Wow. That's crazy your hubby's company checked the voting records!! Something is so wrong with that.

Karaoke Diva said...

That's seriously messed up with your hubby's employer. Not right at all.

On a side note, your daughter is a cutie!

Chris said...

How the heck do they check employees voting records? That shouldn't be possible unless he's voting with an absentee ballot and then it's unethical to say the least. Course, with more and more machines going electronic they can steal the election (or do whatever else they want) with the Diebold electronic voting machines and proprietary software that no one is allowed to check. There are now enough elections on record with significant divergences between exit polls and vote tallies that a stolen election can be explained away. The Democrats have been house
trained to acquiesce to stolen elections. The voters, whose votes
are stolen, dismiss the evidence as "conspiracy theories."

I wish I could say that spiel on electronic voting is mine, but I stole it from an article I read called "Here Come the Brownshirts, Again Does the Republican Party Have Aces Up Its Sleeves?" by PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS. It's a great article about our current political state but it was forwarded to me with no link to the article. Maybe if you google it you can find the whole thing... if you want to read it all. Ok, I'm up way too late! Night!

Leendaluu said...

How can someone do that? Check his record? Wow. That's twisted.

Caffeine Court said...

Craziness. I don't discuss my politics with too many people. It gets too emotional!

I just cast my one little vote and hope for the best!

Guinea Pig said...

They must check which party he is affliated with because they can't tell WHO he actually voted for. BUT I would be voting against their grain and waiting to be fired and then sue the ever-loving daylights out of them. I'd be spitting so much fire in every direction they would be roasty-toasty (to quote Gordo.)

Just be sure he knows he can vote however he wants in the general election and they will NOT be able to tell.